How to Grow Green Peppers

Most novice gardeners do not know how to grow green peppers.  Sweet green bell peppers are usually red or yellow bell peppers that have been picked before ripening.  If you would like to know how to grow green peppers, then this article is just perfect for you.  Note though, that while some expert gardeners choose to grow green peppers from seeds, a novice vegetable gardener might benefit more from a post that shows you how to grow green peppers from seedlings.  This gardening guide, therefore, teaches you how to grow green peppers from seedlings that can be bought at any gardening supply store.

How to Grow Green Peppers

how to grow green peppers1.     Go to your local nursery to buy bell pepper seedlings.  You should be looking for short, stocky plants with thick stems.  These types of seedlings are the healthiest.  Bell pepper seedlings that are tall with thin stems have grown lacking sunlight.
2.    Bell peppers can be planted on the ground or in containers.  Since bell peppers require a lot of direct sunlight, planting them in 5-gallon buckets may be better since you will have the option to place them where sunlight could be had throughout the day, One curious fact about bell peppers is that they actually grow better when the leaves of a bell pepper plant touches another.  Thus, they are best planted in pairs.  Buy a bucket for every pair of bell pepper seedlings you intend to grow.  Black or dark-colored buckets are best since they draw in heat, which bell peppers love.
3.    Drill several holes in the bottoms of the buckets for drainage.  Cover the bottom with stones.  Fill in the prepared buckets with all-purpose potting soil, or regular garden soil amended with compost.  If you are making your own soil mix, take care not to make it too high in nitrogen, or your pepper plants will end up with more leaves than fruit.
4.    Plant to seedlings in each bucket, spacing them several inches apart to give them room to grow.  Be sure to water the plants regularly, so that the soil is always moist but not wet.  Bell pepper plants that are not watered enough will bear peppers that taste bitter, not sweet.
5.    Surround the bell pepper plants with mulch as they mature to keep weeds from growing.  A few weeks after planting, you will be seeing blooms appear.  After a week or two, the blooms will fall off and peppers will start to develop.
6.    Allow between 70 to 90 days for a bell pepper to become mature.  Bell peppers get sweeter as they grow, so it is best to pick them when they reach about three to four inches across but before they begin to turn color.  Harvest green bell peppers by clipping them off the plant instead of pulling them off.

This is how to grow green peppers.


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