Vegetable Garden Planting

I want to grow some veggies in my backyard. I live in the mid-atlantic area. When is the best time to start vegetable garden planting and what are the plants most likely to thrive in this area?
I start my plants in the house (from seed) the beginning of March. I allow 2 weeks after the projected “last frost” before transplanting in the garden. Weather permitting, during that two week period, I set the plants outside to acclimate them for outdoor use. Only thing you can do now is to start getting the garden area ready for winter. I till my manure into the area about October so it has time to decompose before the growing sean starts.

Since moving in to our place I have noticed a lot of my garden not growing very well. I think I will have the soil tested before any drastic measures with the huge walnut tree.
test the acid in the ground. but a walnut tree releases toxins into your soil. the poison doesn’t affect all plants but Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants are most susceptible. fruit trees will be fine but the only things you can really do would be to kill the tree and get rid of it. wait for a year and then start planting. or try planing in pots. which makes things so much easier. (like you can move them round the garden.) and most veg grow just as well in pots as they do in the ground. its also easer to regulate the soil. hope i have helped. and good luck with your tree problem.

Are there any plants that should be near each other…for pollenation purposes? Any that should *not* be near each other? I have tomato, green pepper, squash, watermelon, and cucumber plants, and I will plant corn seeds. Thanks for any tips!
Corn should be planted in clusters or blocks of one cultivar for best pollination. With small populations (less than 100 plants or so) you still may need to hand pollinate for good production. Of the other plants listed, I would plant in rows with the plants arranged so they don’t shade each other. The cucurbits are all fairly water-hungry, so if you’re vegetable garden planning on irrigating, keep them together. Tomatoes tend to have better flavor when grown fairly dry.

    I dug the ground yesterday, and i noticed A LOT of red ants. is that ok? if not, how would i eliminate them? Thank you
Hopefully they aren’t fire ants. Those little things bite. We have them in TX. I bought fire ant killer and covered their mound. i don’t know if ants are beneficial or not. Now worms are good for your garden. But not grubs!


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