Planning A Vegetable Garden Easily?

via Vegetable Garden Planting by admin on 5/03/10

Anyone know a way of planning a vegetable garden easily? I got a good free vegetable gardening guide at thats good but I want to plan my garden to be like a japanese style vegetable garden.

Does anyone know how to plan your garden to make it look this way? Thanks

I’m not sure just how a Japanese vegetable garden looks, but if you want easy gardening, you need to be doing gardening by the foot. Using untreated lumber (so the chemicals don’t leach out into your vegetables), Build a bed about 12" high that’s no more than 4′ across so you can reach each square easily, but as long as you like. Then divide it into 1′ squares with some type of divider (either string or small boards work). Each square will hold a different type of vegetable. You can plant a grid of 16 radishes or carrots, 9 turnips, you get the idea–it’s all based on the size of the vegetable. As each space is harvested, you can reuse it. And since they’re small spaces, weeding is not so much of a headache. If you really want an ornate look, you could stain or paint the outside of the boards. Also, there’s an easy way to plant peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, or even squash. We put down black plastic, weight it down, cut x’s in it every few feet, hold the plastic down with a "U" shaped piece of wire, and drop in the plant or seed (slightly larger holes for the seed, so they don’t grow under the plastic). This keeps the moisture and heat in and the weeds out.

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