Can anyone give me advice on container gardening for tomato plants?

via Vegetable Garden Planting by admin on 5/03/10

I live in Illinois and I love home grown tomatoes. I don’t have the yard for a garden and would like to try growing them in a container. I’ve tried it in the past without good results and I’m hoping somone will have some good advice to get me started this year.

i know what u mean… i did alright but had major problems w/ tom. worms. This year i found at Home Depot & Walmart.. patio tomatoes.. We have 3 & they r doing really well & so far ( knock on wood) no worms. ( i keep a close eye) we even have a tom. starting so we r excited. I hate store bought tom. They jst don’t taste the same.

I have them in 12" pots & they bush tom.. Golliath… in partical sun. I live in heat.. 115o & i keep them watered every day & sometimes twice. If they look wilted i’ll move more in the shade more for the day. But so far so good. I’ve had them 30day & less. ( my pup ate the other one so we had to move them UP on a table) I planted them in Miracle Grow Gardening Soil that has feeding in them plus i jst bought some continuous feeding food as well.

I hope u can get some now b/c the season is almost gone for garden plants. They need to b in the ground or pots rt during after Memorial day.. ( i had a hard time finding to replace after the pup ate them but finally did ) So run & ck u’r garden spots.

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