Vegetable Gardening Planting – Easier than you think!

You’ve heard it said a 1000 times that you had better eat your veggies. If you would like to save some money in these hard times, maybe you should consider planting these in your backyard instead of buying these from the shop.People who engage in vegetable gardening planting will most expected engage in organic gardening since this is both cheaper and healthier. They will not use any pesticides or fertilisers and rely on other things such as compost, water and sunshine to help them grow their crops.

A few of the vegetables you are able to plant at home include  broccoli, bush beans, cabbage,  carrots, eggplant, capsicum, lettuce, onions and potatoes. You just have to be mindful that some of these can’t be planted during different times of the year since they may not endure due to the weather conditions.

Once you get home, you are able to now start planting your vegetables. Before you get your hands dirty, check the condition of the soil first and if everything is beneficial, only then should you prepare the ground using the tools you have.

As you plant the vegetables, make sure to mix some compost and fertilizer so that each seedling gets sufficient amounts of water. These should be planted in rows from north to south direction, which will ensure that it will get maximum exposure from the sun.

Once you reap the vegetables, rotate it. This prevents the soil from losing its nutrition so you are able to keep using it over and over.

If you’re vegetable garden planting it in the soil, make certain you’ve proper drainage otherwise you won’t be able to produce these as big as you thought it would. If you’re unable to provide suitable drainage, see if it’s possible to grow these using a raised bed.

It’s only after doing suitable research that you are able to now attend the shop and buy everything you need for vegetable gardening. The most important of these are the seeds and if you don’t have any tools yet like a rake, fork and hoe, you better get them since you’re already there.

The greatest challenge in growing your own vegetables is that these may come under threat from blighters, weeds and other animals. To prevent this from happening, you need to create a pest management system.

A few of the things you are able to use to combat these threats include other insects, birds and even a toad. As for weeds, you’ve no choice but to pull these from the ground with your hands. If there are other animals that may damage your vegetables, you better put up fences or use animal hair, baby powder and deodorant soaps that have proven to be good deterrents.

To make certain that the soil around your vegetables gets enough foods, you are able to mix the soil with compost, manure or mulch.

Compost is basically reused garbage while manure is waste from your pets or even your own. If that disgusts you, these can also be purchased from the gardening store. A combination of manure and compost together with chipped barks and leaf moulds is what is known as mulch. In all three, whatsoever you use must be applied at the least 3 to 4 inches or 8 to 10 cm from the earth.

Vegetable gardening planting can also be indoors. You just need to put the seedling into a pot made out of clay, plastic or wood. As for your soil, make certain you’re using a mixture of peat, perlite and vermiculite.

Just make certain to water it daily and give it sunshine so it can grow. If it’s a hot day outside, you are able to bring it out and put in on the porch. When it gets too cold, bring it inside and out it someplace warm.

Organic vegetable garden planting is challenging but it will be worth it when the plant grows and you are able to mix this with whatever dish you are making in the kitchen. You might not grow like what farmers in their farms but just enough to feed you and your household.

Best of all, you save money which can be used for other things which will come in handy particularly during the current recession.


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